Scrap Chiller Buyer in Dubai

AMC generator buy all sort of involved/scrap/repaired chiller all over in dubai uae, Since we are a full association purchaser we can combine into our deal a full demonstration of associations including, generators, crane, transformer, portacabin, compartment, and so on…

Air Cooled Chillers, Floor Standing Split A/C units, Wall mounted split A/C units, Window A/C units, Portable A/C units, Fan Coil units (FCU), Packaged A/C units, Air Handling units (AHU), scrap chillers.

We purchase a wide range of utilized and scrap air cooled chillers and water cooled chillers in UAE.

We purchase YORK, CARRIER, TRANE, McQUAY, DAIKIN, SKM, LG and so forth marks from 100 tons to 2000 tons.

In the event that the chillers are in working condition, we purchase these at sensible cost to exchange these and their parts in UAE and GCC.



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