Chiller AMC Service in UAE

AMC Generator gives fix and upkeep administrations of chillers, will help you snsure you get every one of the significant regions for your chiller framework. we gives air cooled chiller support agenda as it is the most considered normal plan.

Regardless of the size of your air cooled chillers and framework upkeep is crucial to alleviate the gamble of personal time, broaden the lifetime of your gear and give inner harmony that you are giving your very best for keep your cycle running and personal time.

  • Investigate water bay and source for spills
  • Clear out and review the sump for erosion
  • Cooling curls should be reviewed and surfaces cleaned. Check for holes, erosion, or twisted balances
  • The zone control actuators ought to be assessed, cleaned, and all changes made
  • The blower needs different regions checked, these include: refrigerant charge, vibration, crankcase warmer, oil levels and changes, working temperatures, and in the event that there are any breaks of refrigerant or oil.
  • Condenser fans ought to be cleaned, direction should be checked for wear and greased up, and belts and couplings should be checked and snugness checked or changed as the need might arise.
  • The condenser curl ought to be check for erosion and holes and all observes or looks over should be checked for bowed segments.
  • The electrical detach ought to be reviewed for legitimate activity and the contacts ought to be investigated and cleaned.
  • The exhaust air damper should be assessed for appropriate activity, have the heading greased up, and align or change it for ideal activity.
  • Return air dampers additionally ought to be checked for legitimate activity, adjustment, and orientation be greased up.
  • The outside air damper ought to likewise be reviewed, adjusted, and heading greased up.
  • The channel dryer additionally ought to be reviewed and any old, messy, or harmed channels be supplanted.
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